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Christmas Concert: the Biggest Story


This year our Christmas service will feature a reading of Kevin DeYoung's children's book, The Biggest Story. The author gives this helpful backstory and commentary:

“The Bible is a big story made up of lots of smaller stories. Many children (and not a few adults) learn to see the Bible as nothing but a nice collection of all these smaller stories. . . . Our kids can become acquainted with many Bible stories without ever grasping the Biggest Story that makes sense of all the others. . . . 

This book began as a Christmas sermon for my church. I wanted to tell the familiar advent story in a way that was fresh and faithful to the biblical text. . . . 

First, I’ve tried to emphasize how Jesus is not only the Savior for our sins, but also the fulfillment of a long line of prophecies, patterns, and predictions. . . . Most significantly, I speak of Jesus throughout the book as a new Adam. This is important New Testament imagery (Rom. 5:12-21; I Cor. 15:45). Every human being belongs to either the first Adam or the second Adam. What Adam failed to do in sinning in Eden, Jesus Christ accomplished by his perfect life and sacrificial death. 

Second, you’ll notice the theme of ‘garden’ looms large. It’s not a coincidence that the biblical story starts in a garden (Genesis1) and ends in a garden (Revelation 22). The Biggest Story is the story of rebels kicked out of their home and longing to return. The fundamental problem that the Bible answers is how a holy God can dwell in the midst of a sinful people. God kicked Adam and Eve out of the garden of Eden because his eyes were too pure to look upon human sin and corruption. It was for the same reason he sent the flood in Noah’s day and exiled Israel form the land of Canaan. And it’s for this reason God sent his Son to die on a cross. We need redemption. We need forgiveness. We need the Promised One to lead us to our promised home” (The Biggest Story, pp. 128-129).