Emmanuel Bible Church
Upstate South Carolina


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Growing In The Knowledge Of Christ Through The Means Of Grace

“To be sanctified is to have your faith simplified, clarified, and deepened. . . . You know God. You love God. How other people are doing matters increasingly to you. Becoming more holy . . . means you are becoming a wiser human being. You are learning how to deal with your money, your sexuality, your job. You are becoming a better friend and family member. When you talk, your words communicate more good sense, more gravitas, more joy, more reality. You are learning to pray honestly, bring who God really is into the reality of human need. . . . It means you live in more clearminded hope. You know the purpose of your life, roll up your sleeves, and get about doing what needs doing. You are honestly thankful for good things. You honestly face disappointment and pain, illness and dying.

— David Powlison

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