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Carry One Another’s Burdens

July 24, 2016 | Brad Baugham | Galatians 6

Virtually none of the [one-anothers] make sense unless we share life together and are committed to one another. How are we to bear another person’s burden unless the burden is known and unless we are willing to actually carry it? How are we to “put up with each other” unless we relate closely enough to get on each other’s nerves? How are we to forgive one another unless we are in each other’s lives enough to hurt and let one another down? How can we learn to submit to one another unless we struggle with differences? In other words, if we are to connect (or reconnect) our lives with one another, it will demand much more of us than we normally give. It demands that we become a church community, not just occasionally go to church or have community with others.

—Charles E. Moore

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