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Upstate South Carolina

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The elders and deacons are the two offices God has given to the church to display his care for them (1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1). The elders remind the church family of Christ's tender care for them as a shepherd, as they equip the church to do the work of the ministry. The deacons work under the elders and remind the church family of Christ's great sacrifice for them as a servant, even as they carry out specific tasks for the good of the church.

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Emmanuel Bible Church exists because God Exists. We exist because Jesus Christ has promised to build his church and he has underwritten that promise with his own blood. We exist because the Spirit made us into one body. We have been redeemed to worship God and to display his excellencies to our community and our world.

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To many of you, Emmanuel Bible Church is new, untried, and unknown, just as you are to us. We would be delighted for an opportunity to meet you, and for you to meet us. For that matter, we would love for you to be of help to us, as we serve God with a Christ-centered focus. We are here to help and encourage you through the teaching of God's Word and through biblical fellowship.

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